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 Facts About The Evangelist
Evangelist Dan Souza makes his home in Wolcott, Connecticut. He and his wife, Faith, have four children, all boys. His four sons have attended Fairhaven Baptist College in Chesterton, Indiana, majoring in  Pastoral ministries.
Three are ordained in the Gospel ministry and Jonathan (the youngest son) has graduated from Ambassador Baptist 
College in Shelby, North Carolina, with a Pastoral Major.  He is currently serving at Berean Baptist Church, Shelby N.C. as Deacon and in the area of youth and music.  Brother Souza  was born on May 26, 1946, in Waterbury, Connecticut.

The evangelist has been active in the field of evangelism since his conversion on August 20, 1962. 
He was saved, baptized, called to preach, married (1969), and ordained at the Calvary Baptist 
Church, of Waterbury, Connecticut.

Brother Souza is a graduate of Baptist Bible Seminary of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania*, with a 
degree of Bachelor of Theology.  His wife, Faith, also is a graduate in the field of Christian Education and holds a BA. degree from the same Bible school.
While pursuing his studies in college, he preached in churches, jails, prisons, rest homes and street meetings.
Following his formal education the evangelist pastored for twelve years. His ministry includes starting a new church in his home town, staying with it ten years, producing an interstate weekly radio broadcast for 8 years over two stations, administrating the church Christian school of 180 students for four years, and leading the membership in two building programs. It was from this comfortable and growing ministry that God called him into full time evangelism.

Without scheduled meetings or promised support the step of faith was taken, believing God would sustain him in this work to which he had been called. What has happened in the following years has been beyond expectations. While the evangelist does not keep running totals of souls saved or decisions of believers, it is evident that there has been a mighty moving of the Holy Spirit in the meetings. On several occasions the meetings were extended beyond the scheduled dates because the Spirit of God gave evidence of true revival.

It is the policy of this evangelist to go anywhere God leads and to accept the love offering of God's people. The preaching is the same in all churches without regard to size or wealth. His meetings have taken him twice to Europe on a 12 day evangelistic campaign, a 14 day campaign in Jamaica, West Indies, two evangelistic trips to the Philippines, as well as holding revival meetings in over half the states of the Union. He is the author of the tract "Five Facts You Must Face."


Evangelist Dan Souza and his family are members and serving under the authority of the Highpoint Baptist Church of Wolcott, Connecticut, of which Matt Souza is pastor.

(* I do not endorse  this school)